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Founder and author of Two Little Yogis Amy Jones (www.amy-yoga.combegan teaching in music education, both primary and secondary. She became involved in music teacher training, establishing the Secondary Music Teacher Training PGCE course for Cornwall College SCITT programme in 2006. Her love of surfing led her to yoga,  she was hooked and yoga became far more than just a physical practice that supported her surfing. Through her love of teaching, Amy was drawn to yoga teacher training and trained with the British Wheel of Yoga and started teaching yoga alongside music teaching.


After the birth of her first child, Amy took the plunge and became a full-time yoga teacher. Knowing how challenging being a mother and caring for little ones can be she wanted to help other women to find yoga and support it can bring. She trained in pre and postnatal yoga with the British Wheel of Yoga, and this set her on a course that eventually led to her toddler yoga classes. Baby yoga classes traditionally ended once the baby really got moving and parents were asking her ‘what next?’. 


She looked into children’s yoga teacher training courses, but so many started at a much older age than the toddler stage. Using her knowledge of yoga, her background in teaching children and the experience of having a toddler herself, she created her own toddler & pre-school yoga class. She still vividly remembers her first class; buzzing with joy she rang her mum afterwards and said, “Mum, I am born to teach toddler yoga!”

Amy is a British Wheel of Yoga teacher and Senior Yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance Professionals

She teaches regular weekly classes from her studio in St Agnes Cornwall and online including Pregnancy, Mum & Baby and Toddler & Pre-school yoga, and also teaches in local pre-schools and nurseries. Amy offers yoga teacher training and CPD days, including specialist training courses in Pre & Postnatal yoga, Mum & Baby yoga and Toddler & Pre-school yoga. She also offers a 300hr yoga teacher training course. All her training courses are accredited by Yoga Alliance Professionals UK. You can find out more about Amy’s classes and all her training courses at www.amy-yoga.com.


Often during a Toddler & Pre-school yoga training course she’d use examples of yoga books aimed at this age group, and although all have merit you could often find Amy saying “this doesn’t quite work with this age group” or “most children haven’t got that movement pattern yet”, and then this would be followed by “I must get round to writing my own book”! 


And this is where Two Little Yogis was born, inspired by her two children (her own two little yogis!) and a desire to create a book that reflected a yoga practice based on available and natural movement patterns within this age group. Yoga for toddlers and pre-schoolers is so natural to them; we are all born knowing yoga and young children remind us of this. The real joy of this age group is the absence of ego, movements happen for play, for joy, for exploration. Or they don’t happen because they don’t want to do it right now and there is never any force. As adults we can learn so much practicing yoga with this age group and being inspired by their movements. 

Driven by the success of her classes and those who have already completed her Toddler & Pre-school yoga training courses, Two Little Yogis has become more than just a book. Amy has a vision that all younger children will do yoga with the adults they come into contact with, at home, at a local class or in their nursery or pre-school setting, planting a seed for a life long love of yoga and movement that is inspired by freedom, joy and play, regardless of age, the yoga is not just for the children!


Two Little Yogis and amy-yoga.com also offers training in Toddler & Pre-school yoga, through two courses. A 1-day CPD course for those looking for some simple yoga-inspired moves to do with the young children they come into contact within their every day lives and a 4-day teacher training course, for those wanting to delve more deeply and formalise their training into a qualification. 

Amy’s Two Little Yogis!

Her main inspiration in all that she does is her own two children; they were the inspiration behind the title of the book. Her children constantly remind her of the fact we are born knowing yoga and as they move through childhood Amy is keen to keep that alive in their movements and love for life.

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